Saturday, April 28, 2007


Many of you who attended Chica Lit Club Fiesta last year have written to ask about this year's event. I take this as a good sign that you had a fantastic time last year adn want to do it all over again! Oh, and two young writers who came to last year's event walked away with interest in their books from major publishing companies!

Chica Lit Club Fiesta is the nation's only literary event to pair the love of the written word with a weekend of glamor, female bonding, and resort-style pampering.

In addition to the traditional panels and presentations by the most successful Latina authors in contemporary American publishing, we will also have a Girls' Night Out in elegant Santa Fe, and a Girls' Night In pajama and champagne party, featuring a film by a famous Latina filmmaker, who will discuss her work.

To get a sense of how the women who attended last year felt, read this column by journalist Cindy Rodriguez, who was in attendance.

Just got word that the amazing comedian/actress/author/radio personality/TV host Jackie Guerra has agreed to be our Keynote Speaker! She is amazing! So smart, so funny. You'll love her.

We are working on finalizing the lineup of authors and poets. The new Web site for the Chica Lit Club Fiesta should be up in the next two weeks. I'll link it here.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Reading my life..

It took me a while to settle into my first read of 2007. I enjoyed engaging in the various reflective exercises connected with entering a new year: analyzing last year’s reading stats, determining last year’s favourites, and formulating reading resolutions for the forthcoming year. But that sort of thing tends to attach undue significance to the next book picked up. I kept starting books and abandoning them, some for all time, but most with a view to attempting them again later when I’m more in the mood for them.